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Pride is special and can be abused, but I don't abuse anything...

2009-07-31 12:50:04 by MinionOverlord

I have been enjoying good ol' Newgrounds since I first discovered flash animation and flash gaming... and I still love this place, as it makes me laugh and cry, love and hate, with a healthy supply of fun and games added with a wide, beautiful selection of music and art. The one true thing I gotta say is that this place is a positive impact to life and helps us survive, away from the annoying BS of the world. I don't mess around when I critique in reviews, nor do I base my decision on my reputation of reviewing something that is good or bad, but rather what it should be reviewed as. If you believe that you want good advice of a submission or would like to have me give you a straight, honest review on whether something is truly horrid, fair, or magnificent; than just comment on this with the name of your submission and whether it is video, audio, or art. I take pride and love in my proper reviews, and if you believe that I have done something wrong, than my mood isn't exactly right for the moment and I will wait until I can review something properly.

Pride is special and can be abused, but I don't abuse anything...


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2010-04-16 22:48:38

I was one of the first on that MMO, believe it or not. It got boring now though IMO. (In My Opinion)

Also, to get your medal on Escaping the Prison you want, you have to, when doing the sneaky ending, use the plungers and watch the ending. You will see a sun, click on it and there you go!

MinionOverlord responds:

I thank you for the assistance, and yeah, I haven't played Dead Frontier in eternity since I found many other random entertainments such as Allods or Stumble-upon.


2011-11-03 00:14:39

I love you, Rat!